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realvirtual.HMI_Message Class Reference

HMI element to display messages.

Inheritance diagram for realvirtual.HMI_Message:
realvirtual.BehaviorInterface realvirtual.realvirtualBehavior realvirtual.ISignalInterface

Public Member Functions

void Modify ()
void ClickQuitButtonReference ()
void ClickCancelButtonReference ()
void ShowMessage (bool state)
- Public Member Functions inherited from realvirtual.BehaviorInterface
new List< BehaviorInterfaceConnectionGetConnections ()
new List< SignalGetSignals ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from realvirtual.realvirtualBehavior
void SetForceStop (bool forcestop)
Vector3 DirectionToVector (DIRECTION direction)
 Transfers the direction enumeration to a vector.
DIRECTION VectorToDirection (bool torotatoin, Vector3 vector)
 Transfers a vector to the direction enumeration.
float GetLocalScale (Transform thetransform, DIRECTION direction)
List< BehaviorInterfaceConnectionUpdateConnectionInfo ()
List< SignalGetConnectedSignals ()
void SetVisibility (bool visibility)
 Sets the visibility of this object including all subobjects.
List< BehaviorInterfaceConnectionGetConnections ()
List< SignalGetSignals ()
GameObject GetChildByName (string name)
 Gets a child by name.
List< GameObject > GetChildsByName (string name)
 Gets all child by name.
GameObject GetChildByNameAlsoHidden (string name)
List< GameObject > GetAllMeshesWithGroup (string group)
List< GameObject > GetAllWithGroup (string group)
List< GameObject > GetAllWithGroups (List< string > groups)
List< GameObject > GetAllMeshesWithGroups (List< string > groups)
List< string > GetMyGroups ()
List< GameObject > GetMeshesWithSameGroups ()
List< GameObject > GetAllWithSameGroups ()
MeshRenderer GetMeshRenderer ()
 Gets the mesh renderers in the childrens.
void SetCollider (bool enabled)
 sets the collider in all child objects
void ErrorMessage (string message)
 Displays an error message.
void ChangeConnectionMode (bool isconnected)
void Log (string message)
 Logs a message.
void Log (string message, object obj)
 Logs a message with a relation to an object.
void Warning (string message, object obj)
 Logs a warinng with a relation to an object.
void Error (string message, object obj)
 Logs an error with a relation to an object.
void Error (string message)
 Logs an error.
GameObject DebugPosition (string debugname, Vector3 position, Quaternion quaternation, float scale)
 Displays a gizmo for debugging positions.
void SetFreezePosition (bool enabled)
 Freezes all child components to the current poosition.
virtual void AwakeAlsoDeactivated ()
List< BehaviorInterfaceConnectionGetConnections ()
List< SignalGetSignals ()

Public Attributes

MessageTypes MsgType
 Type of message.
bool UseUserDefinedColor
 if true, use user defined color of the message background
Color BackgroundColor
 user defined color of the message background
bool UseUserDefinedIcon
 if true, use user defined icon
Sprite MessageIcon
 user defined icon
string Text
 text of the message
int SizeText
 size of the text
Color FontColor
 color of the text and icons
bool ShowTimeStamp
 if true, show time stamp
bool Modal = false
 if true, the message is modal
int MessageCheckTime
 time in seconds to check if the message is still valid after canceling
bool CancelButton
 if true, show cancel button
bool AcknowledgeButton
 if true, show acknowledge button
bool ShowButton
 if true, show information button
bool ForceAcknowledge = false
 if true, the message has to be acknowledged by the user
GameObject MessageTriggeredObject
 object which is activated when the message is shown
GameObject InformationTriggeredObject
 object which is activated when the information button is pressed
bool Highlighting
 if true, the defined objects is highlighted
List< MeshRenderer > HightlightedObjects =new List<MeshRenderer>()
 list of objects which are highlighted
Material HighlightMaterial
 material for highlighting
bool FlickerEffectMaterial = false
 if true, the highlighting material is flickering
Material FlickerMaterial
 material for flickering
float FlickerTime = 2f
 time for flickering
PLCOutputBool SignalMessage
 PLC output for message.
PLCInputBool SignalAcknowledge
 PLC input for acknowledge.
PLCInputBool SignalCancel
 PLC input for cancel.
Image IconReference
Text TextReference
Button AcknowledgeButtonReference
Button CancelButtonReference
Button ShowButtonReference
DateTime timeStamp = new DateTime(0)
string currentType
HMI_Tab parentTab
Image bgImg
- Public Attributes inherited from realvirtual.BehaviorInterface
List< BehaviorInterfaceConnectionConnectionInfo = new List<BehaviorInterfaceConnection>()
- Public Attributes inherited from realvirtual.realvirtualBehavior
string Name
 The name of the component if it should be different from the GameObject name.
ActiveOnly Active
GameObject FromTemplate
realvirtualController realvirtualController
bool HideNonG44Components
bool SceneIsAdditive
bool ForceStop = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from realvirtual.realvirtualBehavior
enum  ActiveOnly
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from realvirtual.realvirtualBehavior
static bool DirectionIsLinear (DIRECTION direction)
 Gets back if the direction is linear or a rotation.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from realvirtual.realvirtualBehavior
bool hidename ()
bool hideactiveonly ()
virtual void OnStop ()
virtual void OnStart ()
MU GetTopOfMu (GameObject obj)
 Gets the top of an MU component (the first MU script going up in the hierarchy)
void InitGame4Automation ()
 Initialiates the components and gets the reference to the realvirtualController in the scene.
virtual void AfterAwake ()
void Awake ()
- Properties inherited from realvirtual.ISignalInterface
GameObject gameObject [get]