The games industry has overtaken the movie industry in terms of revenue. A large developer community continues to drive this technology. Game technology sets new standards in the areas of visualization quality, simulation speed, and VR & AR.

 Unity is also one of the largest game development platforms and is used on 3 billion devices worldwide. 50% of mobile games were developed with Unity. 90% of the fastest-growing AR/VR companies are already using Unity. Game Technology will replace classical 3D engineering and simulation tools in the future. We will show you in this training why. 

For whom is the Training suitable?

The training offer is aimed at experts, visionaries, and decision-makers from mechanical and automation engineering. You will work live with and Unity and gain your own experience. In this workshop, you will learn how you, as a decision-maker and expert in a mechanical and plant engineering company, can benefit from Unity. Learn how to implement your business models based on your own digital twin. And all this without getting caught in license dependencies and performance traps of large PLM vendors! You will also receive a free version of Starter and a demo version of Unity Professional.

 The following topics are covered in the training:

  • Limits of large PLM systems

  • Development of Unity and today's Unity "ecosystem"

  • Introduction to the Unity application

  • Introduction to

  • Importing CAD data into Unity

  • Handling large CAD assemblies

  • Defining kinematics within 

  • Visualization, simulation, virtual commissioning with Unity and

  • Adding logic like drives, sensors, and PLC signals to the model

  • Scripting your own component behavior models and expanding

  • Different possibilities for connecting PLCs and robot controllers to Unity

  • Possibilities to create your own digital twin - exploitation possibilities



Training: user training

Duration:       8 hours in total, 4 days, each day from 15:00 CET to 17:00 CET
Costs:            € 180.00 EUR net per participant

Location:       Online/Teams

Dates:           Monday 07.11.2022 - Thursday 10.11.2022

Please use the registration form for the binding registration. A version of Starter is included in the registration fee.