Our open and expandable software enables you to create digital twins of machines and production systems based on the power of the Unity game engine. Use our software for simulation, visualization, virtual commissioning, or as a real-time 3D HMI. is a complete solution that provides all the necessary components for creating digital twins in Unity. You can access CAD interfaces, kinematic components, drives, sensors, and diverse interfaces to industrial automation systems.

Your digital twin remains your property. We liberate the digital twin from limitations and costs that you may encounter with many expensive software packages. With our framework, you receive open-source code and can run the digital twin license-free on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, WebGL, or Android platforms. makes it possible - from simple drag and drop creation of a simulation model for virtual commissioning to the operational 3D HMIs of a machine.

FOR MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Professional is aimed at mechanical engineering. Based on the imported CAD data, the system can be realistically simulated for design and virtual commissioning.

Our automation interfaces to robotics and industrial controllers (e.g. to ABB Robotstudio, OPCUA, Siemens S7, TwinCAT, etc.) allow integration with the real controller. 


The digital twin based on is more than a tool for virtual commissioning. enables individual business models without the restriction of gagging license conditions.

From one model, the digital twin can be used as a native application on almost all systems, such as Windows, Linux, WebGL, iOS, Mac and Android. And that free of license costs.

As a training system, for high-end videos, cell phone APP for marketing & trade shows, for AR applications, or as an innovative 3D HMI for the real machine. The possibilities are limitless.


High end 3D visualization of automation solutions
Cooperative engineering, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Applying the 3D models to virtual commissioning and control testing

3D HMI and integration of the digital twin into your own solution.


Based on the Unity Game Engine, offers unrivalled performance. Unity has already introduced modules that are only now in development for conventional engineering solutions.  The combination of the software’s physical simulation with kinematic models, gives the environment a tremendous ability to simulate almost an unlimited amount of moving objects. 

Boring visualization in CAD is in the past. Realistic shadows, surfaces, light reflections and textures can now be displayed - in real time.



CAD Interfaces
Step and 3MF updateable CAD interface
Interfaces based on PixYZ to Solidworks, Solidedge, NX, JT, Parasolid, Catia, ProE-Creo, Autocad
Mechatronic Components
Components for drives, gears, sensors, gripping, cylinders, buttons, lamps, signals and more.
Automation Interfaces
Simit (Profibus, Profinet), PLCSimAdvanced, S7-300 and S7-1500 (TCP-IP), TwinCAT, OPCUA, Modbus, ABB RobotStudio, FMU/FMI, RoboDK, EthernetIP, MQTT and UniversalRobots.
Free Deployment
Free distribution of your digital twin on Android, IOs, Windows devices and on the Web (Standard Unity functions).

CAD PLAYS Professional includes CAD Link which allows to import the STEP and 3MF format which a lot of CAD Systems can export. The hierarchy shows which data has been changed by the mechanical designer. The 3D model in Unity updates automatically to changes in the mechanical design overwriting the additions in Unity.

With parts4cad you get access to millions of standard industrial components. parts4cad can be downloaded for free.

Addtional CAD formats can be imported by the use of PIXYZ like for example JT, AutoCAD 3D, Catia, NX, Solidworks, Solidedge, CreoPro / E.  PiXYZ is not included in and must be purchased separately.

GAME WITH OPEN CARDS includes interfaces to Simit, PLCSim Advanced and over TCP-IP to Siemens hardware such as. S7-300, S7-1500, Sinumerik and Simotion.

The behavioral model can be developed either in Simit or directly in based on templates in C #.

If required, the Profibus and Profinet fieldbus systems can be connected directly via Simit with the export of the hardware configuration from Step7 or TIA Portal.

AUTOMATION INTERFACES includes interfaces to Beckhoff TwinCAT, Simit, PLCSim Advanced and over TCP-IP to Siemens hardware such as. S7-300, S7-1500, Sinumerik and Simotion.

Connections to Robot Controllers like ABB Robot Studio, RoboDK or URSIM from Universal Robots can be used to test and validate industrial robot system.s

Countless other controllers can be connected thanks to Industry 4.0’s OPC UA protocol

The behavioral model can be developed either in Simit or directly in based on templates in C #.

If required, the fieldbus systems Profibus and Profinet can be connected directly via Simit via the export of the hardware configuration from Step7 or TIA Portal.

MATERIAL FLOW SIMULATION WITH REALVIRTUAL.IO SIMULATION Simulation is based on Starter or Professional. The library enables the simulation of path-based material flow processes such as automated guided vehicles, power & free systems as well as the physics-based simulation of accumulating conveyor technology.

The continuous and high-performance material flow simulation enables the detailed modeling of all industrial sensors such as laser scanners or camera systems. With Unity Simulations & Unity ML Agents, logic and control strategies can be tested realistically and even neural networks can be trained.


The library is fully parametric and enables the rapid construction of intralogistics systems with the help of snap points.

All components are open source and can be extended as desired. 

The simulation of the material flow is extremely realistic and is based on the physics engine included in Unity. The simulation can be accelerated or slowed down up to 100 times. Due to the continuous realistic simulation, the control can be developed and tested realistically.


As is based on Unity, it delivers the best VR and AR experience. The digital twin can be experienced with devices such as HTC VIVE, OCULUS RIFT or the new Microsoft Hololens 2. Dive into your digital twin!

Picture Microsoft



GET YOUR DIGITAL TWIN ON THE UNITY ASSET STORE is licensed under the Unity Asset Store License Conditions.

Please note that a valid Unity Unity license to use the platform and that Unity itself is NOT provided in our delivery. Unity is free for some private and non-commercial applications. For more information, please visit Unity's product page.



  • price excluding VAT
  • Full framework
  • Siemens S7 TCP-IP interface included
  • Access to all Siemens Hardware (S7-300,S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, Sinumerik and Simotion)
  • Purchase in the Unity Asset Store



  • price excluding VAT
  • Preferred support

    Full framework

    CADLink CAD Interfaced based on STEP and 3MF file

    Siemens S7 TCP-IP interface included

    Access to Siemens controller (S7-300,S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, Sinumerik und Simotion)

    Additional OPCUA, Simit, PLCSimAdvanced, RoboDK, Modbus, ABB RobotStudio, FMU-FMI,TwinCAT, EthernetIP, MQTT and UniversalRobots Interface

    Visual Scripting with PlayMaker

    Purchase in the Unity Asset Stroe



  • price excluding VAT
  • Fully parametric materials handling library

    . Simulation and Virtual Commissioning

    Starter or Professional required as base

    Physical simulation of conveyor technology

    Simulation of path based systems like AGVs and Power & Free


    Open source code and extensible

    Linear conveyors, curved conveyors (belt/roller)

    Directional rollers

    Chain trasfer

    Crossbelt sorter

    Shoe sorter

    Path based line and curve

    Source, Sink

Research and Education Bundle


  • price excluding VAT

    Preferred Support

    20 user licenses Professional for Digital Twins in the machinery industry (including CADLink, OPCUA, TwinCAT etc.)

    For classrooms, student groops, researchers and schools

    Only for research and education

    Commercial use is not permitted


The platform is made as user friendly and convenient as possible, but a wide range of additional services are also provided which will assist you in your progress with the tool. Please contact us with this form.


CMC Engineers

OUR MISSION is a brand of realvirtual GmbH. With 18 years of experience in creating applications and distributing simulation and commissioning software for industrial production systems, we understand the need to adapt to new trends and make new technologies accessible for mechanical design and industrial automation users.

At, we are committed to an open and service-focused approach, without innovation-inhibiting and costly sales structures. Our goal is to make Unity gaming technology accessible to industrial users, as it outperforms commercial solutions from well-known providers in terms of performance, openness, and user-friendliness.

Our software is perfect for tech-savvy users who seek more than off-the-shelf "out-of-the-box" software, and we strive to provide cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry.