Demo of the digital twin

This demo model is published as a WebGL 2.0 application and shows how mechanical engineering companies and automation providers can create and deliver their own digital twin based on the framework. The digital twin can be published not only as WebGL, but also as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS applications. Please note that WebGL requires a modern graphics card and a modern browser. The demo may be limited on mobile devices. To use the full range of functions and editing features, you need Unity and Entry is possible from as little as €10.

Demo cell

Experience the visual power of the digital twin with our demo cell, based on and Unity. This demo is not included, but similar results can be created with your CAD data for your machine. Thanks to Unity’s performance, even large systems and machines are no problem. Please note that WebGL requires a modern graphics card and a current browser in order to display the demo optimally.

Or create a digital twin yourself

Would you like to experience the power of Unity and as a Digital Twin Editor up close and learn how the demo applications shown above are created? Then get started today with Starter and experience the possibilities of the Digital Twin Editor live.

01. install Unity Editor
02. Download Starter