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realvirtual.OPCUA_Node Class Reference

OPCUA Node Unity Script Represents an OPCUA node, holds the Nodes Attributes and Reads and Writes nodes values.

Inheritance diagram for realvirtual.OPCUA_Node:

Public Member Functions

object ReadNodeValue ()
bool WriteNodeValue (object value)
bool WriteNode ()
 Writes the Node Value.
bool ReadNode ()
 Reads the node properties from OPC Server and Updates displayed porperties.
void Awake ()
 Unity Awake Event - Subscibes to Game4Automation PLCInput Signal changes (only for Game4Automation Framework)
void Subscribe ()
 Starts Subscription if SubscribeValue is set to true.
void OnConnected ()
void OnDisconnected ()
void Start ()
 Unity Start Event - Subscibes to the Changes of Nodes on OPCUA Server, Node Value will always be updated if SubscribeValue=true.

Public Attributes

OPCUA_Interface Interface
 The OPCUA Interface the node is part of / connected to.
bool WriteValue
 True if the value should be written to the OPC server.
bool ReadValue
 True if the value should be read from the OPC server.
bool SubscribeValue
 True if value changes should be subscribed.
bool PollValue
 Provides a cyclic poll if OPCUA server supports no subscription

float PollCycleMs = 0
 Pollycle in millisceonds, if 0 then it is polled each fixed update.
string NodeId
 Nodeid from OPC UA Node (e.g. "ns=4;s=PLC.PLCOut_PNEUMATICZ_Einfahren")
string Name
 Name of the node.
bool Connected
 true if connected
string Value
 Value as string of OPC Node.
string Type
 Type as string of OPC Node.
bool ValueIsArray
 true if Value is Array
string ValueArrayElementType
int ValueArraySize
List< string > ValuesArray = new List<string>()
string Status
bool StatusGood
bool StatusBad
string ServerTimestamp
string SourceTimestamp
string AccessLevel
string UserAccessLevel
string Description
int NamespaceIndex
string IdentifierType
string Identifier
object SignalValue