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realvirtual.TouchInteraction Class Reference

Controls touch interaction during game4automation simulation / play mode.

Inheritance diagram for realvirtual.TouchInteraction:

Public Member Functions

delegate void OneTouchRotDelegate (Vector2 pos, Vector3 pan)
delegate void TwoTouchPanZoomDelegate (Vector2 pos, Vector3 pan, float zoom, float rot)
delegate void DoubleTouchDelegate (Vector2 pos)
void ResetTouchDeltaPos ()

Public Attributes

bool AllowTouchOverUI = false
bool SimulateMouseWithTouch = false
bool IsTouching
bool IsBeginPhase
bool IsEndPhase
bool IsStationary
bool IsTwoFinger
bool IsDoubleTap
Vector2 StartTouchPos
Vector2 TouchPos
Vector2 TouchDeltaPos
Vector2 TouchTotalDeltaPos
 Delta position of touch between Frames.
Vector2 TwoFingerMiddlePos
 Total delta position of touch since start.
Vector2 TwoFingerMiddleDeltaPos
float TwoFingerDeltaDistance
Vector2 FirstTouch
Vector2 SecondTouch
Vector2 ThirdTouch
float DPIScale = 1
OneTouchRotDelegate oneTouchRotEvent
TwoTouchPanZoomDelegate twoTouchPanZoomDelegate
DoubleTouchDelegate doubleTouchDelegate