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realvirtual.HMI_Controller Class Reference

CameraController is a component to control the cinemachine cameras used by HMI-elements. More...

Inheritance diagram for realvirtual.HMI_Controller:

Public Member Functions

void OnClickMouseStatusButton ()
void SetMouseNavigsationStatus (bool blocked)
void Awake ()
void SetPosinCanvas (Canvas canvas, GameObject hmiElement, Vector3 TargetPos, Vector3 Offset)
void SetRotationinCanvas (Canvas canvas, GameObject hmiElement, Vector3 TargetPos, bool followCamera)

Public Attributes

bool BlockUserMouseNavigation = true
 If true, the user can not navigate the scene with the mouse.
HMI_TabButton MouseCtrlButton
SceneMouseNavigation SceneMouseNavigation

Detailed Description

This component is necessary as a central control unit at the main parent object of all HMI-elements