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realvirtual.PerformanceOptimizer Class Reference

The performance optimizer combines meshes into one mesh per kinematic group. This will improve performance of the simulation.

Inheritance diagram for realvirtual.PerformanceOptimizer:

Public Member Functions

void StartCombine ()
void StartUndoCmobine ()
void Optimize ()

Public Attributes

bool IsOptimized = false
int NumUnoptimizedMeshes
 Is the gameobject already optimized.
int NumOptimizedMeshes
 Number of unoptimized meshes

List< GameObject > OptimizedMeshes = new List<GameObject>()
 Number of optimized meshes.
bool IgnoreGroups = false
 List of all optimized meshes.
bool IgnoreHiddenObjects = false
 Ignore groups and combine everything into the combined mesh.
bool CombineNonKinematicGroups = false
 Ignore hidden objects and don't include them into the combined mesh.
List< string > IgnoredGroups = new List<string>()
 Combine non kinematic groups into a separate mesh if true, if not they are part of the overall static mesh.
List< MeshRenderer > DeactivatedRenderers = new List<MeshRenderer>()
 List of groups which are not combined into the mesh and not considered - they remain active.
List< string > DeactivatedOriginGroups = new List<string>()